Increase your restaurant’s revenues by 20% today.

Allow your customers to order their food online, for pickup, delivery, and contactless in-person dining.

Your restaurant’s best experience, made digital.
Whether on mobile or on desktop, ordering online has never been easier.

Lightning speed setup.

Fast and easy, launch your online store within minutes. Add your items and sync with them with your POS - your menu is now live and ready for online orders.

Do it all from one place.

Manage your online orders from your dashboard. Choose to integrate with Oriigamii POS so you can keep an eye on your in-house orders too.

Save 30% on delivery

No need to rely on expensive third-party delivery services anymore. With Oriistore, provide a professional delivery experience and make more per order—up to €11 more on a €50 order.

The only online store specifically conceived for restaurants.

Oriistore is more than just another restaurant website. Offer your customers the choice of multiple order fulfillment options, manage reservations, and increase ticket size. Restaurants using Oriistore see a 20% increase in sales*.

Your own restaurant App

No need to spend 1000s of euros on creating your proprietary app. Your Oriistore is mobile-optimised. It is built to feel, and interact like an app, making ordering online simple and intuitive for your customers, on any type of device.

It’s all about your customer relationships

With your own online ordering page, you can encourage diners to order directly through you, instead of through third-party delivery apps. With Oriistore, you own the ordering relationship so you can foster stronger customer loyalty while you avoid paying those steep commissions.

Integrate your entire operation seamlessly

Whether an order is placed by an online customer, server, or a dine-in guest using contactless QR code, it all flows through one single platform. Oriistore works seamlessly with Oriigamii POS, making your whole operation run smoothly.

Order constraints

Limit orders based on item availability. No more disappointing customers when their order has run out.

Multi-location support

Take online orders for all your locations from one single website.

“I was surprised how much traffic the online store had the first couple of days. Oriistore gives us a lifeline so cash flow doesn’t halt completely during this time.”

— 37 Green House

Start accepting orders with Oriistore

Get your restaurant online today with your Oriistore ordering page. Pricing is simple—a one-time activation fee of €199 and a monthly subscription fee, starting at €29.95. Customise your plan with additional modules for more advanced features.

Connect with Oriigamii POS.

Oriistore works seamlessly with Oriigamii POS to streamline your orders and even keep your items and inventory in sync.